MACFA Round Robin @ Drew Results

14 Mar 2017
Posted by Michael Mauer

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On Febuary 12th, Cornell Men’s Club Fencing Team competed in their second MACFA tournament of the season at Drew University. Despite losing some starters to early graduation and study abroad, the men held their own securing a confident win against William & Mary (18-9), as well as dignified losses against Navy (12-15), Johns Hopkins (8-19), University of Maryland (12-15), and Haverford (4-23). This tournament served as the debut tournament for saber fencers Eric Sun (2-8), Robert Kleyner (0-11), and Chris Mulvaney (1-12).

Freshman Kevin Wang, Epee (4-4), commented on the dedication of the team despite loses late in the season as well as recognizing the amazing dedication of parents: “Many of our matches were close and although we fell short in some, we definitely put up a fight. We faced some tough opponents that we went toe to toe with and even prevailed in some cases. We’re at a point in the season when we’re losing some fencers and illnesses are flying around, but it’s important that we push through and finish this year strong. As always, shout out to Nathaniel Taylor’s dad for the lunch and Owen Sconzo’s parents for snacks and coaching foil.”

Junior Michael Mauer, Foil (8-6), making his return this season after a semester abroad in Japan, commented on the progress the team has made thus far, and a truly hopeful future: “We went up against some tough competition, but still managed to pick up some wins despite the odds. I think this really demonstrates our growth as a team. We’re building on our skills with every practice, and I think everyone is really motivated to keep working hard going forward.”

Freshman Grant Uebele, Epee (10-3), commented on the inspiration of the team performance and the feeling of support from the team culture: “Coming to the team for the first time in the fall, I did not know what to expect. Because it was a club team, I had this notion that some of the guys would have been lacking in the amount of dedication that I wanted to be surrounded by, but this tournament along with all the others I have travelled to have served to prove me wrong. This weekend, the guys, either fencing the weapon they wanted to or not, gave their hearts and souls on and off the strip. Through the ways we dedicated ourselves to our teammates and our sport, I felt like I was part of something much bigger. We may have stumbled a little along the way, but there is no doubt that we made everything out of what we had, and I believe that speaks volumes about the kind of team that we are. We don’t shy away when faced with difficulty, and I think that can only point to a very bright and successful future.”

Senior Team Captain Jake Silverman, Epee (7-6), commented on his return to the team this spring, the progress he has observed, and his hopeful image of the team for the future: “ Having spent the last semester abroad, this is my first regular season meeting back at Cornell since leaving. I am really proud of the progress we made both on and off the strip. I do see lots of room for improvement in our performance, but I also see lots of potential on the team. I think individually we all performed well, and I expect that next week we will perform even better as a team.”

After the inspiring performance at the Cornell invitational and the humbling tournament this past weekend, the team returns home with drive and determination to improve. With MACFA and Club Championships rapidly approaching, the men buckle down, hit the strips, and eagerly prepare to represent the Big Red with pride and devotion. The team returns to Drew University this weekend (February 19th) to fence in the MACFA A Round Robin.


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