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Riley Xian

Epee Captain

Started fencing when I was 10 in Canada, ranked top 3 for U-15 and top 7 U-17.  Won a few ROCs. B-19 rank (B-rank for a maybe 4-5 years now, hardstuck). Went to Cadet Eurocircuit for Canada. Placed 3rd in Cadet Commonwealth games. Top 16 U-15 and usually finish at least top 64 in most NACs. 

I am motivated after going to the most recent tournament with Cornell. The Men's team can be as competitive as some Div 1 teams.

Like video games (fps games but also like Nintendo games), Overwatch top 20 North America peak. Interested in cars and computers. Like food and am pretty solid at cooking (I basically made thanksgiving dinner by myself last thanksgiving). At Cornell I like the dining hall food (surprisingly, people hate on it but I genuinely don’t think the food here is bad. People just like to complain) New buildings are cool. Visually appealing and convenient usually.

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