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Past Results

Men's Fencing medals frequently at MACFA.; the Foil squad has earned league titles four times and Epee once.  In both 2022 and 2024, the team placed 4th overall. The Epee squad earned silver, and Max Dolmetsch and Lucas Luthar earned bronze in Epee and Foil in 2022. This season, Langston Johnson earned bronze in Saber, and Nihal Bankulla came in fifth in Epee

In their debut appearance at the USACFC championships in 2004, Cornell was the Men’s Three-Weapon Team Champions - a feat they repeated in 2018 and 2024. Each weapon squad has also earned championship titles: Foil (2006, 2009, 2014); Saber (2012); Epee (2004, 2017, 2024). At their most recent USACFC (2024), the Epee squad earned gold and both the Foil and Saber squads earned silver, leading them to first place over a field of over 40 teams from across the country, Lucas Lutar earned gold in individual Foil; Langston Johnson won silver in Saber; and Nihal Bankulla won bronze in Epee. In 2022 the team came in fourth and Lucas Lutar won gold in Individual Foil; .   


Fourth Place Team

First Place Individual Foil

Second Place Epee Team

Fourth Place Individual Epee

Fourth Place Individual Foil

1 Overall Win, 3 Overall Losses

2 Overall Wins, 3 Overall Losses

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