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Riley Xian

Toronto, Canada

I started fencing when I was 10 in Canada. I was ranked top 3 for U-15 and top 7 U-17.  Won a few ROCs and B-19 rank (B-rank for a 4-5 years now). Went to Cadet Eurocircuit for Canada and placed 3rd in Cadet Commonwealth games. Top 16 U-15, usually finish at least top 64 in most NACs.
I like video games (fps games but also Nintendo), Overwatch top 20 North America peak. I'm also interested in cars and computers. I like food and am pretty solid at cooking (I made a whole Thanksgiving dinner last year).
At Cornell: Esports Club (Overwatch “Varsity” team). 
Favorites: I like the dining hall food (surprisingly). New buildings are cool, visually appealing and convenient usually. Why are the floors so slippery??

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